Video Camcorder, Besteker Portable HD 1080p IR Night Vision Max. 24.0 MP Enhanced Digital Camera Camcorders DV 3.0 TFT LCD Rotation Touch Screen Video Recorder

I ordered this portable HD 1080p night vision camera for my daughter to use for her school trips.This is a good solid beginner camcorder. The size of the camera is very compact and also lightweight.

The image is 24mp which gives crystal clear pictures and has a 16x optical zoom with a wide angle lens and touchable LCD panel. The wide angle lens is perfect for taking pictures of large areas.

My daughter really like the macro feature as you can see by the leaf detailed photos. Also, this has an infrared night time feature which were yet to explore.

This has an Internal microphone and built-in speaker and comes with a rechargeable battery and usb wires to charge it with (put no plug), but you can use a computer or if you have an usb phone plug that will do the same thing.

The overall build of this camcorder is very good, the buttons are firm and click when pressed and there is a nice little handle on the side which is very handy to support and protect your camera from falling onto the ground if accidently knocked.

We charged the camera for 4/6 hours and thank god the weather on the day of trial and testing the hd camera recorder was good.

The camera is protected by a nice carry case and fits nicely into your handbag.

Overall I would say this is great for a beginners camera, this is very easy to operate and also has the feature to have night vision and a remote control option, so if you wanted to take a family photo you don’t have to set the timer on the camera and then rush to all get in place before the timer goes off, now you can now press a button on the remote which in it’s self I think is great 🙂

This is very good value for money and would recommend for first-time users or if you are on a low income and would like a good HD camera recorder.

You can buy yours here –

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