Makeup Brushes

Very nice oval makeup brushes set.

These brushes come in a set of 10 different sizes makeup brushes and two pink Makeup Sponges. Depending on where you are putting your makeup you can change the size to make it more convenient like around the eye and lip area.

The quality of these brushes is excellent, the handle of the brushes are very secure and flexible, so it is the effortless way to apply your foundation, they don’t feel like they are going to snap after a slight amount of pressure.

The brushes pick up the makeup well and apply it equally over the face. All of the brushes are very soft to use on your face and are very easy to clean off if you want to use another product to the same brush.

What Brushes You Will Get In The Box!
* A powder brush Great for loose or compact powder
* A foundation brush you can use with liquid ones,
* A blush brush
* A highlighter brush
* a small concealer brush which you can use around the eyes
* An eyeliner brush
* A brow brush
* An eyeshadow brush
* A lip brush
* A concealer brush for use around the eyes, nose and lips area.

My Pro’s
* There super soft brushes
* You get two free sponges
* Easy to clean
* No hairs full out as yet
* Easy to use
* Delicate tiny bristles
* Flexible & Strong

The Neg’s
I feel that the box that holds the brushes could have been a little bit better made 🙂

Overall I enjoyed using these super soft brushes as they are much quicker to apply makeup than regular brushes I use. I would strongly recommend and not too bad a price either 🙂

You can buy yours here –

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