ASUS VG248QE 24 inch Widescreen LED Multimedia 3D Monitor

I have been playing CSGO for quite some time now and heard many times how 144hz monitors make a lot of difference but I really didnt pay much attention thinking that it was mostly hype, however a friend purchased one and recommended for me to try it out.
I did some research into it and found this ASUS VG248QE to be the best for my price bracket.

On arrival everything was nicely packaged and protected well, very easy to plug in and set up, the only “work” I had to do is adjusting the settings as the picture is dull on default and for a TN panel this is to be expected.

After making sure to select 144hz in the settings, I booted up my favourite game ( CSGO ) and I was blown away and to be honest I still am, I didnt expect a 144hz monitor to be THIS game changing, the picture is so much smoother and those times I felt I was missing out of frames playing on 60hz now confirms I was right, my enemy was “seeing more” for sure.

This monitor is one of the best investments I have made for gaming, but beware if you really want to use this for heavy photoshop work and/or you work with images a lot then this monitor is not for you, I would say this is strictly for the gamer and it does a great job in its task.

The ASUS VG248QE has a response time of 1ms, input lag time of 3.2ms which is very impressive. The monitor also comes with anti glare, In-Built Modules Nvidia 3D Vision 2 kit, 2 in built speakers, 170/160 Degrees Viewing Angle and Adjustability Pivot portrait view, swirl 45 degrees left/right, height 0-110mm, tilt 5-15 degrees front/back.

I am super happy with this purchase and I would 100% recommend the monitor to anyone who wants a competitive edge when playing games.

You can buy yours here –

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