12W UV LED Nail Lamp. Start SJSW Professional Gel Polish Nail Dryer for Manicures or Pedicures. Mini & Portable, for Home or Salon Use, 3 Timer Presets

I will start my review off by saying this is a Cute Nail Lamp & well worth the money 🙂

First thing first I must say that I am used to the nail lamps were you can fit your whole hand including your thumb into the machine but I do have, to be honest and say with this one I couldn’t, my teenage daughter, on the other hand, could and didn’t have any problems none the less this is not a big issue just I like to have the nail lamps were I can fit the whole of my hand in.

The overall look and style of this nail lamp is super cute, and the feel is very sturdy and seems well made. It comes with a proper UK plug and the lights all worked to inside. There is three nail heat setting that you can easily choose from, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds on the timer.
This nail lamp is a 12 watts and will quickly dry & cure all of your nail gel polishes; you can easily dry four nails at a time.

This nail dryer is very simple to use, simply plug it into a power source, choose your drying time and then place your fingernails inside the unit; it is quick and very efficient which is just what I need with a teenage daughter 🙂

You can buy yours here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Start-SJSW-Professional-Manicures-Pedicures/dp/B01N6CC1LS/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

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