Absolutely love these! I bought two packets of the pink and I wish I had got more and in different colours.

These do come in small little packages, at first I was a little confused as they were so small and not a lot of them in the packet but Don’t be fooled by the little packaging. Each of these packages makes a Lot of beads 🙂

They look great in my vases, and I love it. But I did underestimate the expansion and amount of these little tiny things.

I mixed two packs and let them soak overnight and woke up to a whole lot of beads 🙂

Directions of use:

1) First I emptied a packet of beads into an empty vase

2) I then filled the vase with cold water and left to grow overnight ( 8/10 Hours)

3) By the next morning, the beads had turned into small balls (approx size of marbles)

4) I then drained the excess water out

5) And placed them in a vase

Overall, I love them and want to get more colours! Not only is the price Very reasonable price but its so much fun to have with your kids; my daughter loves pink, and I have put these in her room, It is her birthday coming up this week and these will make a great addition to her decorations.

You can buy yours here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/CRYSTAL-WEDDING-DECORATIONS-CENTREPIECES-WATERBEADS/dp/B01N0O9WMS/ref=cm_cr-mr-title


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