Makeup Brushes Set

These brushes are so soft and lovely to use on the face!

They blend all the makeup out perfectly, and I’m glad to have given them a shot.

In the packet you will receive ten different style brushes, five large and five small brushes I will list them below:

Face Brush
Blush Brush
Precision Brush
Flat Top Brush
Face Powder Brush
Powder Brush
Flat Top Shadow Brush
Angle Flat Top Shadow Brush
Eye Shadow Brush
Detail Powder Brush

The only drawbacks I’d have to say about these brushes is there is no case for you to store them in after you have used them, so I found a little glass pot, put a pretty pink bow on and a label on the front saying Brushes so that my daughter could store them on her dressing table.

Overall This product is fantastic so far. They are nice brushes, excellent quality, and not a bad price. The brushes are soft and have not shed so far. To clean your brushes, you can Run the bristles of the brush under warm running water and wipe them on a piece of kitchen towel after every use, or if you don’t have time there are some great silicone makeup brush finger scrubber cleaners out there, I am at the moment waiting on one to arrive 🙂

You can buy yours here –

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