Gideon Powerful Handheld Steam Cleaner and Sanitizer

The Gideon Handheld Steam Cleaner is a little powerhouse. It might not be a huge, or expensive machine, but it is pretty powerful for its price and usability.

I was able to clean my kitchen grout lines and the ones in my bathroom too as these are a nightmare in my house as I leave in an all brick house with no wall insulation hence mould Is a big issue and a contentious battle. This little rocket steamer had no problems cutting through most of that built-up mould that doesn’t seem to go away with a regular brush. I think after a few goes fingers crossed it will disappear completely.

The Gideon Steam Cleaner includes an assortment of accessories for every part of your home; it comes with an extension hose, grout brush, window squeegee, angle concentrator and fabric cloth steamer. It has a 9ft power cord that enables you to manoeuvre the steamer efficiently around and makes it incredibly easy to clean them hard to reach areas. The water capacity is 12oz and steams for around 15/20 minutes before you need to refill it.

How to use the steamer:

First thing first, Don’t do what I did and turned on the steamer at the mains before you do the next steps 🙂 as it will start to warm up what is supposed to be water in the tank.

1. Attach the head that you require, push it down and turn to lock it.
2. Add 175ml then 75ml of water via the jug and funnel (don’t over fill as the maxim on this is 250ml)
3. Now turn on the power.
4. Wait four mins for water to heat up.
5. Now push the switch steam button to activate the steam.
6. Get steaming: )

The Pro’s
– Cleans floors, glass, stoves, tile/grout, ovens, barbeque grills, vehicles, pet products, windows.
– Can also be used to steam wrinkles from clothes.
– Has a safety auto shut off protection, this will close the steamer off when the water level gets too low or too hot.
– Has a 9ft. Power cord.
– It will be continuous steam for up to 15 minutes.
– Has a temperature of 275°F that will effectively kill all types of germs and bacteria in your home.
– Has a wide arrange of accessories for every part of your home.
– Best for last it features a 3 Year Limited Warranty for peace of mind.

In the box you will get:
*Owner’s manual
*Extension hose
*Long spray nozzle
*Grout brush
*Window squeegee
*Angle Concentrator
*Fabric cloth
*Measuring cup

Overall This truly is a very versatile bit of equipment, and there is so many things you can do with this little steamer that will cut down the time and effort you would have had to use if you did it by hand. I have tried a few steamer brands over the years from floor steamers to steams that are detachable, this atm is the best handheld I have used, it is not the lightest, but you can kill two birds with one stone and get a work out for free also 🙂

You can buy yours here –

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