1300W Steam Mop Floor Cleaner

I really like this mop steamer; it was easy enough to put together after I had read the instructions 🙂

The steamer comes with a glider which I’m presuming is for when your cleaning carpets, this will not be used in my house as I have all wooden floors.

The overall steamer appears very well made, it is much lighter than a previous store brand I’ve owned. It is easy to use and heats up really quickly and is relatively easy to top up with more water when it runs out.

This steam cleaner also has continuous steam; this means no more having to hold down the button to get the mop to activate the steam, it is just continuous steam. It has a triangular head making it easy to get into every corner and under most furniture.

The other great thing I like about this steamer is the length of the pole; I am a 5 foot 9 and this pole is long enough for me to use this steamer around the floor without having to bend my back.

The steamer does only come with one cloth cover which is a shame but the seller has informed me that she will be getting them in soon so we can buy them separately, so in the meantime, you can wash by hand or stick it in the machine on a 40 wash.

My Pro’s
* Has a 1300W powerful steamer
* It produces high-temperature to naturally clean without using harsh chemicals
* Easily grasp handle
* Starts to steam in just 20 seconds
* It produces continuous superheated
* No button to hold down
* Kills 99% dust mites, viruses and bacteria
* Works on kitchen floors, wood floors, tiled floors and carpets
* Gets into the corners and under sofers
* Flexi-head

The Neg’s
* Wish it come with more cloths

Package Includes:
1x main body
1x glider
1x cloth cover
1x measuring cup
1x funnel

Overall This steamer has a powerful motor of 1300 watts, which makes it possible to clean up any sticky mess from your floors this is great if you have small ones and big kids too. The mop has been cleverly designed so that it is comfortable to hold and easy to push when steam is cleaning.
It is a good price to pay for a non-branded piece of equipment and does the job just as good 🙂

You can buy yours here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Finether-Cleaner-Blanket-Cleaning-Bedroom/dp/B01MSXLIWW/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

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