Hair Straightener Brush,Ceramic Heating Straightening Irons Anti Scald & LCD Display

This product works pretty well….I will say that it does do what it’s supposed to do.

It’s easy to use, it heats very fast to 230c in basically 2 minutes or so, and it doesn’t burn your scalp when you brush it.

So Here’s How I Used Mine:

First thing first your hair has to be dry and brushed, I then put in some Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray to help protect my hair from heat damage, As a tip, for best straightening, only take small sections of your hair, 3 inches in width is good, and straighten each section like that. If you still want some wave in your hair, you can part your hair into 4-5 sections and go over each section a few times, It really depends on the texture of your hair as to how many times you need to brush each section, I have a slight curl in mine, actually it is more of a kink than a curl in my hair and I found going over it in 4-5 sections works better for me as I am a mum on the go…

Depending on the length of your hair, cut and style I would say this can take anything from half an hour to an hour, I have long hair way down to my back and found this took my a good 45 minutes or so when I did It In small sections, but a lot faster in the larger sections. Also I found that the best part about this brush is that it can get to my roots easier, and around my ears, where around my ears I worry that the iron will burn them, with this brush you don’t have to worry, you just plug it, turn it on, crank the temp up and brush through my hair, even if you don’t have time to do section by section it will still do a good job of using it as a regular brush.

I cannot go back to a standard flat iron now, this is so perfect for everyday use.

My Pros On Brush
* When the brush comes on, it automatically sets to – 350℉ constant,
* This is ideal for straight hair or Soft and thin hair.
* It goes up to 450℉ that is 230c this is good for thick and curly hair.
* It Is easy to adjust the temperature by pressing Press”+” or “-”
* Heats up in 90s
* Heats up from 120 – 230
* It won’t burn you if you touch it like regular irons do
* Portable
* Anti-scaled
* The external brush teeth do not thermal conductivity
* Well made, sturdy
* Nice colour
* It cools down quickly
* Comes with glove and hair grips which is a plus
* & Bestidy will provide 1-year reliable after sales service 🙂

Overall I am very happy with my straightening brush, and this now sits on my dressing table pride and place, and of course ready for whenever I want to use it.

You can buy yours here –

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