Double Sequin Mermaid Bright Color Throw Pillow with White Cross Stitch Pillow Core

Today I am reviewing this sequin, throw cushion in beige, pink and white.

When I sore this I knew I had to order it for my daughter, not being too sure if it would arrive in time for Christmas or not I took the chance and placed my order and I’m glad I did as it arrived in plenty of time, so thumbs up right there 🙂

The pillow case its self came well packaged and was very happy to see the pillow insert came in a suctioned vacuumed bag, once I took it out of the bag it plumbed right back up with no smell whats so ever.

There is a good quality zip on both the pillow case and pillow so good for washing. The overall look of the pillow is really cute, and the stitching is really well done. On the back of this pillow it is a brushed velvet feel to it which is super smooth, so good for if you want to lay your face on it.

So Like magic, run your fingers across the sequin to reveal another colour underneath. You can change the sequined mermaid pillow pattern with a quick swipe of your hand; you can make shapes, swirls, or even write your name.

This is the perfect pillow to lean on or decorate your bedroom, living room, sofas, cars or chairs.

Overall this is exactly what I wanted and looks even better in real life and on my teenage daughter’s bed 🙂

You can buy yours here –

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