Red Father Christmas Rectangular Tablecloth

Ordered this to use on my Christmas table, I have been looking around for a little while to get a table cloth that you can quickly wipe down after use, well this table cloth not only wipes down but you can stick it in the washing machine as its a washable tablecloth at 40°C.

The tablecloth’s self is made from PVC and 100% polyester so if you find this is a little too big for your table you can cut it up to fit the right size. On my table, it’s a good size, and there isn’t much overhang left either side of the table, so when the kids get up and down from the table, they won’t be taking the tablecloth with them 🙂

Overall This is an excellent value for money especially if you have little ones; I will definitely be using this for our Christmas table!

I am Really pleased and will certainly buy again.

You can buy yours here –

Thank you for reading my review & I hope it helps you!

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