THORVAP 30W Sub Ohm Ecigarette Kit | 0.5ohm Top Refill Vape Tank | Rechargeable Vape Mod Battery

Even though I am an experienced vaper for more than 2 years now, I am going to write this review for the benefit of those who are new to vaping.
When you are just getting started out in the vaping scene it can be quite dorting at first to know which type of e-cig pen/mod to go for : ) so with my reviews on the 60w and under I will try to give you the best advice I can from my own personal experiences.

The electronic cigarette comes in a hard plastic see through box, which protects the mod very well. Inside there is everything you need to get yourself started, all you will need to do separately from this is purchase the right kind of flavour juice/nicotine. (i’ll tell you more about that and how to go about it at the end)

When you open up the sealed box you will find:
* THORVAP 30w Smart Mini Battery
* 2.0ml Mini Tank with a 0.5ohm coil pre-installed
* 0.5ohm coil spare
* Instructions
* A micro USB cable for charging

When you use your mod for the first time please make sure to charge your battery fully, while you are waiting for that to charge you can drop a few drops of e-juice onto the coil cotton inside the tank, then fill the e-liquid up half way in the tank and let it stands for a while to ensure that the e-liquid has been absorbed into the cotton wick, Or if you don’t have time to do that dry inhaling a few minutes with the power OFF, otherwise failing to do this it may have a burning taste when you inhale.

* For better vaping experience I would recommend a 50% VG 50% PG e-liquid, over time you can adjust to your own per-furred taste.
* To start vaping turn on the device by clicking the power button 5 times
* Hold down the button to vape.
* To lock the device when in your handbag or pocket press the device 5 times again.
* If the light glows red while vaping, it means battery is low power, and you need to charge it
* If the light goes Red and flashes 10 times this means low-voltage protection works, you must charge the battery, and you cannot vape.
* You should replace the Sub 5ohm coil every 2-3weeks to prevent it tasting horrible.

My overall opinion on this mod is good it has a nice solid feel to it, and for the first time vapor’s this is So much better than the pens, and I can say this from experience, when I gave up smoking it was a little scary to know what Ejuice to get, what pen to get, what is VG&PG, So if you are like me and only smoke 10/15 cigarettes a day I would recommend buying a few E juice’s that contains:

* 12mg of nicotine and a 50/50 of pg&vg
* 8mg of nicotine and a 50/50 of pg&vg
* 6mg of nicotine and a 50/50 of pg&vg

I would buy all three bottles and start from the bottom and work your way up to find the right nicotine level for you, I wish that someone had told me at the outset as I went straight in at a recommended 12mgs and I can say I nearly passed out from the head rush I got, I’m not too sure why but it is so different than cigarettes you just don’t need as much nicotine as you think. This is just my opinion, and I hope it helps you out: ) If you require any more help, please do ask.

You can buy yours here –

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