Smart Tv Box Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The android box arrived quickly after ordering it and came packaged in a small brown package; I must say that these android boxes just keep getting better and better. This one has a much cleaner streaming, and the operation itself is much smoother, there has been hardly any buffering and If there was it was super fast not long and drawn out like Im use to when watching the box upstairs. I like this one so much that I took the one I had in my room out and gave it to the kids and replaced it with this one.

The box upstairs is just run of the wifi alone (no cable) I am currently now with this new box streaming movies and TV programs at 720p & 1080p before I was given this box to review I was contemplating buying a cable to run down the stairs as the buffering was quite bad but now it seems to be fine.

I have to say I was blown away by how easy this box was to set-up and use these newer models seem to be coming already preloaded with Netflix and Kodi and many others so It’s virtually plug in and play, with some of the past boxes I have tried they have had to have a lot of downloads & add-ons to get where this box is today, with this one I just plugged in the power cord and the HDMI cable from the box to the tv and bam it was ready to go, It’s pre-installed with everything you need which makes it so easy anyone could do it and use it, the only thing I did get my son to do was to put the wifi code in for me.

This android box features the latest technology and ultra fast speed, so your screen doesn’t freeze, and you can download all of your app’s and play game without a problem. With the upgraded 2GB/16G or high-speed memory you can watch movies with No issues, I Must say I have only looked at a film at 720p, so I’m not too sure if it will lag or buffer with a 1080p movie, but I will let you know but do remember this is just so run off wifi alone so if it did you could just plug in a cable for ultra-fast speeds: )

Inside the Package You Receive:

1 M9C Mac Tv Box
1 Power Adapter
1 HDMI Cable
1 Remote Control
1 AV Cable
1 User Manual

The other bonus is that it also comes with a wireless keyboard which is brilliant for when you want to search the box for movies or the Internet as it makes it a lot easier to write what you want on the keyboard instead of doing it word by word scrolling backwards and forwards.
It is a nice size and fits great in the hand, it is simple to use, and it also has a little screen which can be used as a mouse, to use this as a wireless keyboard you will need to open up the back of the remote and remove the USB and plug it into the box, also this also has a rechargeable battery inside and wires for you to charge it to, when the keyboard is fully charged it will last a long time before needing to be recharged again.

Overall this is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms for playing games and watching movies; you could even get one for the kitchen to keep mum happy while she’s doing the cooking: )

You can buy yours here –

Thank you for reading my review & I hope it helps you!

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