Portable DVD Player 9.5

This portable Dvd player from DB Power has a good picture, good sound and it’s functionality is very easy to use. The swivel screen works well, it is easy to adjust the screen so it can be seen from different angles. If you are looking for a basic portable DVD player for the kids or maybe the grand kids when they come round, I would recommend giving this one a try.

This Dvd player was shipped quickly via prim and was packed very well, the player itself even has its own fitted bubble sleeve wrapped around it for extra protection, when I had unpacked it all and had given it all a once over for dents or cracks or missing parts I then plugged it into the power adapter to charge its internal lithium battery, and that took an hour or so. I then went on to watching a movie from battery power only (No plug) and all worked fine, the charge lasted for the whole time of Marley and me, of coarse, if you didn’t want to charge it up first you can always plug it into the mains and watch your video like that. It says that the Improved battery extends play time to 5 hours, meaning more play time, more fun, more peace and quiet if you have little ones, especially on them long car trips or aeroplane holidays.

It is a very lightweight device a little on the bulky side but very portable and easy to use. It has a part for where you can plug your headphones into, it also has a part where you can put an SD card in this will also be very convenient for when you’re travelling as you can store a lot of kids or adult films to watch, it also has a direct play via USB.

The screen is a 9.5-inch display, it Swivels and Rotates at 360 degrees. The play button and pause, forward and rewind all work fine, I tried them all out one after the other all at random moments, and it seemed to manage that all okay. As haven kids myself I know how much they like to FW & RW and start and stop all the time. The stereo speakers are also good, about the quality you would expect from a small device like this, my only niggle for this player is it doesn’t have no indicator that lets you know when the battery is about to die… it just shuts off, my daughter did manage to watch to movies before this happened, so it’s not all that bad.

My Pro’s
* Has a play time of up to 5 hours
* USB and SD card
* Convenient for a while travelling
* Quick load time
* Shock Resistance function ( I haven’t tried that one out but it says that its there)
* The screen swivels and rotates for easy visibility
* Has a car charging cable
* You can play games with the Cd provided
* Comes with remote control for both Dvd and games
* Has a 12-month warranty and offers friendly, easy to reach support.

My Neg’s
* No battery indicator to warn when going off or is fully charged.

What You Get In The Box:
1x DB POWER 9.5″ portable DVD player
1x AV cable
1x Remote Controller
1x Power adapter
1x Car Charger
1x Game joystick
1x User manual

Overall If you are looking for a portable, lightweight DVD player of this style, size and price, for use as I have described above, then we would recommend giving this DVD player from DB Power a try based on mine and my daughters experience with it, I have packed it away now ready for next year’s holiday where it will stop me from having a mental breakdown on the plane with my two teenage kids.

You can buy yours here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/DBPOWER-Portable-Rechargeable-Battery-Supports-Red/dp/B0118UVPI6/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

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