Vax VRS206 Astrata 2 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, 1700 W – Grey

Today I am going to be reviewing the Vax VRS206 Astrata 2 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, 1700 W In Grey

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for busy families or families with pets, the lightweight vax’s offers efficient cleaning for both hard floors and carpets. Being lightweight and Bag-less this vacuum cleaner is one, easy to manoeuvre around your home and two, money saving, so no more having to buy vacuum cleaner bags, it also has a telescopic extension tube so you can clean those harder to reach places that are often neglected such as ceilings etc, the vax is very light in weight meaning it mostly effortless to use so tackling the stairs won’t be such a headache anymore, you simply just attach the tool you desire to the handle, switch it on and your away.

This vacuum cleaner also offers edge-to-edge cleaning and has a very powerful suction to it, I mostly have wooden flooring around my home but do have a few rugs in the bedroom and this cleaned them up just as good as my old vacuum cleaner does, also another good thing is it does go under the beds or any small surfaces as it has a very flexible head.

I have two Bengal cats and one little puppy that seem’s to shed their hair all year round so having a good vacuum cleaner is a must in this house. With this vacuum cleaner, you also get a 2.5-litre dust capacity meaning you can vacuum for longer between emptying, and on-board tools including a Turbo Tool, make it ideal for tackling those pet hair. It also has HEPA filtration ensures that microscopic dust particles and allergens are removed efficiently, these will also need to be changed, and the filters cleaned regularly but you can see how to do this via the vax manual, the other awesome thing is that it has a 5m power cord cable so this means that you can clean an entire room without switching power sockets so a Big Thumbs up there!

Product Description

* Single Cyclonic technology
* Lightweight at 4.9kg
* It has turbo tool, ideal for homes with pets
* Dust Capacity level is 2.5 Litre
* Great Cord length 5m
* Hose length 1.5m, perfect for reaching them higher places

Energy rating:
* Energy A
* Hard floor B
* Carpet: D
* Filter: G

Box Contains
1 x Vax VRS206 Astrata 2 Pet Cylinder
Combi floor head / Upholstery Tool,Crevice Tool, / metal telescopic ext tube,

Overall I am super duper happy with my new Vax vacuum cleaner it does everything my old miele vacuum does and more, I would 100% recommend this to anyone that has pets: )

Thank you for reading my review & I hope it helps you!

You can buy yours here –

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