ZANZEA Women’s Sexy Casual Long Sleeve Chiffon Round Neck Leopard Print Tops Blouse T-Shirt

Today I am reviewing this Long Sleeved, Chiffon Arms, Round Neck, Leopard Print Top: ) I love leopard print, so this top is right up my alley, This top is lightweight and stretchy,The main body of this top is cotton & Polyester, it is very soft and so are the chiffon sleeves, it is very comfortable to wear, the arms on this top are see through and made from chiffon so is very sheer and see through so are not going to provide any warmth but do cover your arms and look great.

Again they have done well with the sizes I ordered this in a large and I am happy to say this fits PERFECTLY! The overall look of this top when it is on is Great; I love how it has that sort of baseball-type style look to the top. There were no loose threads or uneven stitching, and the top goes down to my waist and is nice and flattering in how it hangs and sits. I paired this up with a pair of jeans and brown boots or you can wear cropped jeans and some little leopard/black pumps : )

Thank you for reading my review & I hope it helps you!

You can buy yours here –

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