XINSTAR Digital Voice Recorder Watch, MP3 players and USB Rechargeable Spy Voice Recorder,LED Screen With Time Display for Lectures, Meetings, Classes, Conversations,Christmas Gift

This is a pretty cool mp3, voice recorder watch, It’s pretty stylish and very light, the band is made of flat black rubber flex material, It also has enough adjustment holes on the strap so it can fit well on small wrist or big wrist, It sits very nicely on and is very comfortable to wear.

The face of the watch looks very elegant, it has a sort of matte, silver, sheen to it making it look more expensive than it is. This watch would be handy for those times when you need a sound recording of a meeting, class, or if you have a child that is being bullied at school this would be fantastic to have: )

My son to whom I gave this watch to has a teacher that speaks very fast, and she never repeats herself as she thinks all kids should listen and take notes down all at the same time, so this watch has come in very handy for my son to record her when she is saying what need to be done for homework, he has been using this all week at school and it has worked just fine, he said when you turn the watch on it starts recording, when you turn it off, it stops! Theres no fiddling around having to press this button and that button by that time the teacher has said it all and you have missed it all… Also, he said If you want to use it for listening to music, be sure to plug the earphones into the watch before turning it on.

My Pro’s
* Easy to use
* You can record discreetly
* 8GB Memory
* Has a time display
* Fast forward & rewind function
* USB cable

My Neg’s
Wish it came in other colours

How to record

* Push the switch to “ON” make sure your headphones are not plugged in when in the recording mode.
* The screen will light up when the recording has started.
* To check if it’s still recording you can press the button on the upper right, as long as the time shows the watch is still recording.
* To save the sound recording switch to “OFF” the screen will light up again letting you know the file length & then shut off.

To switch between audio recording & mp3

* Insert earphones
* Push switch to “ON.”
* It will start in MP3 function,
* To change to the sound recording or back just press the “M” button to select the relevant mode.
* If you want to move to next or last files or tracks, just press “+” or “-” button to switch.

Transferring the data

Once you have finished you can plug it into the computer, you will notice the drive pop up like any external media drive, It will have multiple folders, one for audio & one for music, it will also have one called “Set time” that’s vital as this will allow you to sync the device time to your unit so things you record have a time stamp, perfect for people with meetings. To transfer the music files or recordings you:

* Plug the USB into the watch and the computer
* Pop up window will appear
* Click on the folder you require
* Copy & paste the music in or the files out
* When finished you can highlight and delete

There is factory sample song’s on there that you can delete and add your own, the supported music types are:
* MP3,

I n the box you will get:
* Recorder watch
* USB cable
* Earphone
* English manual

Overall we are super happy with this Voice Recorder Watch and highly recommend it to everyone young or older : )

Thank you for reading my review & I hope it helps you!

You can buy yours here –

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