Top Race® Remote Control Toy Robot, Smart Self Balancing Robot

This little robot is really awesome! He has 5 modes of operation, Dancing, Boxing, Driving, Loading & Gesture.
The first thing you will need to do when you have taken the robot out of the box and have charged it fully is to set its gyro, to do this you will need to, hold down the black middle button when you are turning on the robot, wait until it flashes blue then let go of the black button and stand it upright slowly until it flashes purple then it is ready to go.
There are many different light colours that will indicate the robot doing different things like when the LED mode indicator light is purple it is in the drive mode, when the led light is red it is in the boxing mode, when the light is green it is in the dance mode, and when it is blue it is in the gesture control mode, and dark green is balance.

The remote control does 2 things, there is the mode button that will switch between the different modes and the joystick to move around, the robot runs off of 4 AAA rechargeable batteries that come included in the box, the joystick runs off of 2 AAA battery’s that are not included, both the robot and the remote have an on/off power switch which is great. The charging time for Mr Robot takes up to 1/2 hours I would say, and you will need to have a plug of something to plug the USB cable into, I just use my old iPhone charger plug, and that works just fine.

This robot runs off of a 2.4 GHz transmitter and can still power the robot when you are far from it, it also stands around 9 inches tall so its not to small and not too big. The lights are dazzling and colourful and he makes a lot of cute sounds to, he like to dance, and we found that he does perform to hand gestures, but it will take you a couple of times of playing with him to get used to that. I can’t really tell you much about the boxing part as you need to have two robots to perform that function, unfortunately. He also comes with a tray that the robot can balance things on it, my two teenagers had great fun transferring stuff to each another and trying to find what the max weight is for the robot, I think the robot gave up at 1 litter bottle of juice lol, I believe that this is the first time in a long while they have both been in the same room with each other and communicated with each other: )

My Pro’s
* Controllable Distance more the 65 Feet
* Communicated through Motion
* Robot Uses 4x rechargeable battery’s
* Fun for the whole family
* 9 Inches Tall

In The Box
* TR-P3 Smart Robot
* Controller
* USB charging cable
-*Tray/stick for standing him up when not in use
* 4xAAA rechargeable batteries
* User manual
My overall opinion on this robot is Fantastic, Really great fun to have with your kids regardless of their age: )
Thank you for reading my review & I hope it helps you!

You can buy yours here –

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