SIDARDOE 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset with Android Bluetooth Remote Controller, Anti-Bluelight Design, Watching 360 Degree Panoramic Videos, 3D Movies, Playing Immersive Games for Smartphones

Today I am going to be reviewing the 3D Virtual Reality Headset; This set was tested on my daughters iPhone 4s and my son’s Samsung Galaxy s6. As I go through my review I will state if it is my son’s or daughter phone that I am using to review the VR : )

First things first this is the second VR that I have tested in my house, the design and build of this is very sleek and stylish, we loved how it curved around, the attention to detail is on point, and the eyepiece is surrounded by leather padding making it very comfortable to wear for a long time, the head part feels very secure, you can move your head up and down and all around without fearing its going to fall off, this is because they have an added piece at the back that sits nicely and hold it in place, making you feel more comfortable.

The front of the VR is a lot more sturdy I found and the part inside where you place your phone is great as it has two elastic straps that you slide your phone under hence keeping your phone nice a secure, so if the latch does for some reason come undone you don’t have to worry about your phone falling and smashing on the ground because all that is holding it in place is some suction cups.

You will notice when you are going to put your phone in the VR that the glass plate is removable, you will need to pull this out very slowly using the little tab in the middle and remove the front and back screen protector, you will also notice that it has a slight blue tone to the glass this is called an anti-blue light design this helps to absorb your phones Blu-ray to its maximum, it also relieve your visual fatigue.

The lenses are made from high definition optical resin lenses, 8-layer nano coating, 5 x polishing, this help to reduce the lens deformity and glare, actually improving visual fatigue and provides a broader perspective and outlook. You will also need to remove the screen protectors from the eye compartment all so.

So now down to the actual test, first is my daughter’s phone, she went online and viewed some supposedly HD videos 360 of elephants and roller coasters, now some were okay like the roller coaster but not HD but visually fine the elephant one was not all that good, my personal opinion is that this is Not suitable for iPhone under 5 as you can’t experience the fantastic quality, but we didn’t tell my daughter that as she would never stop going on about getting a new phone: )

My son’s phone, on the other hand, was Fantastic, he downloaded a couple of apps from the play store to test it out on, and we were very impressed, the visual quality was excellent everything was very sharp and crisp, which is what you would expect from a galaxy s6 phone, the anti-blue glass plate design really does help to absorb your phones Blu-ray to its maximum.

The other significant part of this VR is that it has a remote control, this is connect to your phone via Bluetooth (so you will need to turn this on) and this enables you to control your phone whilst it is in the headset so no more haven to keep taking the phone out every time you want to switch the video, which is what we had to do with the first VR we had.

This remote is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included) and is compatible with IOS & Android. The remote has a power button, four function buttons which are for different functions depending on the device it is used with and a 360 joystick button. The remote also comes with an instruction manual, and it is very straight forward.

We had loads of fun trying this one out and would defiantly recommend it. This is perfect for the whole family; we spent a few hours on this VR so time does fly when you’re having fun!

Thank you for reading my review & I hope it helps you!

You can buy yours here –

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