Lover Beauty Women’s Satin Bridal Lace Up Corset and Bustiers for Party

I wasn’t expecting that this would be as lovely as it is, this is a high-quality corset! I love the material and the look of the jacquard fabric. The edges are all trimmed in a satin ruffle ribbon which makes it look gorgeous and feminine, before I ordered this I measured my waist to make sure to get the right size, I am between 30-32 inches so I opted for the next size up which was XXL/33”(Fits Natural Waist 32”-34”) just to be on the safe size ; ) but I wasn’t too worried as if it was too big for me I could always return it as I have amazon prime.

The size I ordered ended up fitting perfectly! The lace up back does give you quite a lot of flexibility when putting it on; I did undo the corset at the back around 1” half too 2” inch and it fit me Perfectly. One thing I do love about this red corset is the ribbon at the back; it looks so sexy. The ribbon is looped on either side, rather than being a loose end. This made it so much easier to tighten and adjust the corset by myself. I also like that there is a flap of material to conceal the skin underneath the ribbon if you want but personally I like the skin to show.

The overall design of this corset is Very well done and Very well made, I can say this as I have gone over it with a fine-tooth comb, I have pulled it, stretched it, picked it, and it has withstand all of that, I could Not see any loss threads on the corset itself apart from the red edging that ran along the bottom only, (not the top) but I could cut them off as they were just loss frays at the end.

The holes at the back were very well done to as it had the metal hook eyes in the fabric hence making it stronger, the other bonus is that you can if you want to change the ribbon so for examples black corset with a red or white or even pink ribbon would look great hence giving you more diversity. On the front there are hooks that snap over a button and push into place, this holds well so you don’t have to worry about them coming undone.

Overall I just loved trying out this gorgeous corset on and my daughter gave me her red tutu, and as my son is a photographer he took the photo’s as he has all of the lighting equipment and stuff, so I was able to have some lovely shots of this and feel like a model for if only an hour.

Thank you for reading my review & I hope it helps you!

You can buy yours here –

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