EleQueen Women’s Silver-tone Austian Crystal Open End Wide Elegant Party Bridal Cuff Bangle Bracelet

I was so thrilled to get this ten row Bling Bling Bracelet, It is so well made and looks Absolutely Gorgeous on

The design of this is excellent, it is very light in weight and opens nicely allowing you to push it onto your wrists (side ways) it’s comfortable to wear, and it feels secure while you’re wearing it.

The inside of the bracelet is smooth and does not pinch your skin when it is on, the little sparkly crystals are held in by what I call claw hooks, the best thing about jewelry like this is if you do have a wedding or a social event to go to and you want to wear cute jewelry, but if your like me and most of the bracelets & necklaces you have at home seemed to either cost a pretty penny or just have too much sentimental value to them so you’re even scared to put it on your wrist or neck, with this type of costume jewelry you can wear it and feel great, look beautiful, and most of all don’t have to worry if you do loose it.

To give you an overall wrist size of this bracelet, my wrist circumference is 6inch, and the circumference of the bracelet is between 7/8 inch more near the 8inch, to be honest. This is a beautiful rhinestone bracelet at an affordable price, it truly does look more expensive than it is!

Thank you for reading my review

You can buy yours here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/EleQueen-Silver-tone-Austian-Crystal-Bracelet/dp/B012VQGVLC/ref=cm_cr-mr-title


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