Yaoshun Nail Dryers Nail Design Tools & Accessories UV Led/ Light For Acrylic,UV/LED Gelish & Curing

Today I am going to be reviewing the Yaoshun Nail Dryers Nail Design Tools & Accessories UV Led/ Light For Acrylic, UV/LED Gelish & Curing, Upgraded with Sliding Tray & Timer Setting, 24W LED lamp + 12W of CCFL lamps) in Pink from Yao Shun

This is fantastic for creating that salon nail look, this is just like the one my nail lady uses in the hairdressers, it is great value for money as it would cost me the same price to get mine and my daughters nails done at the salon, now having this i can not only save myself 30 pounds a month, but do our nails as many times as we want and if it chips, oh well we can do it again: )

I was very impressed with the overall look and quality of the dryer; I ordered the hot pink colour, it is very bold and bright and will look great left out on your dressing table. The dryer was easy to use you just plug in the provided cord to the drying unit, and Plug the unit into the outlet, it is a two pin plug but they had kindly put in a UK plug adapter so you can use it straight away, the cord its self is of good length too which I was happy about.

There is a button for 10, 30 and 60 seconds, this is great because it times it for you, you will need to put your fingers under the light after every coat so you will need to make sure it’s hardened properly before moving on. I put mine on 60 seconds between each coat, I will do the base coat 60 sec’s then polish 60 sec’s sometimes I might do an extra 30 seconds just to make sure the nail polish is actually dry then I will add the top coat and dry that for 60 seconds, all in all, I would say a good 4 minutes for each hand is good. This dryer can also be used for real or artificial nails as well as nail tips, You can even do your toes with this: )

Sam’s Pro’s

* Universal Adapter so great to take anywhere in the world
* Time sets in 10s, the 30s and 60s
* UV & LED
* Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, false nails, acrylic nails, nail tips
* You can do both Fingernails and Toenails
* Removable plate for when doing your feet
* Easy to operate
* High quality, Perfect Nails, for a fraction of the price

The nail dryer comes in some excellent colours:

* Pink
* Champagne
* Black
* Red
* White

Package included:

* 36W Lamp
* UK Plug
* Manual

Overall opinion is Fantastic!!

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