Pretty Little Liars Inspired Silver Tone Charm Bracelet with Laptop, Coat, Cross, Book, Shovel and More in Gift Box

Today I will be reviewing the Pretty Little Liars Inspired Silver Tone Charm Bracelet! This pretty 13 Charms Bracelet is inspired by the television series Pretty Little Liars, this will make thee perfect gift for any number one PPL Fan.

The charm bracelet comes in a long black box making it perfect to give as a gift, the bracelet itself is 17cm in length and can also be adjusted to fit
smaller wrists, I gave this to my daughter who is a Big big fan of the show, and she was soo happy with it that she didn’t want to take it off, she has small wrist and this fits her very well and hangs nicely on her wrist; it doesn’t get in her way she said, but I think even if it did she wouldn’t say lol

Okay lets move on to the charms itself, the attention to detail is great on each one of these little charms, and every charm represents a peice from the show, you have the bullet well i think it’s a bullet, you have the laptop which there always on, the cross that represents the church, the handcuffs that I think maybe related to Toby?? You have the famous yellow top that Alison wears, the horrible mask that Mona puts on, the coat that represents the red coat girl, the letter A for A, a book and the shovel that always seems to land them in trouble, keys and the talking bird tippy and last but not least the gun, the only thing this charm bracelet is missing is the mobile phone charm.

Sam’s opinion

This will make the perfect fan gift, and in words from A You’re Mine Now Kisses -A

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