Photo Studio Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

Today I will be reviewing these Excelvan 2000W Softbox Kit Studio Continuous Lighting Kit – 3 x135w 5500K Bulbs Lamp with UK Plug 20″x 25″ Auto Pop-Up Soft Box 80″ Light Stand + 1 Holder Kit by Excelvan

These are absolutely fantastic just what I have been looking for, as an avid reviewer sometimes the light outside is not very good making my photos look a little dim and lifeless so these are going to come in very handy especially with the winter months coming up, also my son is taking A levels in photograph, so I think he will be using them also to.

They came all very well packed and were simple to put together and simple to take down afterwards, The light bulbs themselves are big and give out an incredibly bright light, I only tried out one of the lights, and I was blown away of just how bright they were, I think if you were to have all three on at the same time they would be able to see me from the moon lol.

The stands are surprisingly sturdy, and all of the light are the same wattage 135W 5500K White Bulb. The softbox reflectors are covered with thick black high reflecting and high-temperature resistant materials, it also has a white slip that attaches to the front to help defuse the light, you just slot it over the opening and securing it with Velcro at each side. This also has a boom arm reflector holder kit so you can get the light up higher on the subject you are photoing or filming.

My Pro’s
* Suitable for both professionals and amateurs
* High-reflecting and high-temperature resistant material
* Lightweight and portable
* Boom arm reflector
* Complete studio kit
* Reducing overexposure
* Easy height adjustment stands (Adjustable Height: 70cm-200cm/ 27in-80in)
* Daylight lamp tone
* Has a sand bag (sand not included)

My Neg’s
* No manual

The Package Includes

3 x 20″x25″ Softbox Reflector with E27 Light Holder
3 x 80″ Tall Studio Output Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand
3 x Photo Light Bulb 135W 5500K Daylight Balanced Pure White Light
3 x Boom arm reflector holder kit: 53″ long boom arm and holder arm grip
1 x Sand Bag

My Overall Opinion
Excellent quality light set up and reasonable price. Allows you to set up a basic studio and have good lighting on your subjects. I would highly recommend it to others: )

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