Translucent Powder

Today I am going to review the Translucent Powder – 20 gr – Best Setting Powder Foundation for Oil Control and Radiant Glow – Step-by-Step Setting Powder Guide Included
from Luxe Elixir

First things first, I thought I’d try something different out as I have never used this kind of powder before, and I am happy I did. I love the packaging, and it also contains a lot of powder so you’re definitely getting value for your money.

The feel of it on the skin is like powdered silk, my skin feels so soft, with just a light application over the needed areas, I also feel my skin can still breath. I’m not really a powder girl as I don’t like to cake my skin up with powder, but since becoming a avid reviewer I always try out all of the products i receive to the fullest so i am able to give my honest review.

My Pros:

* Powder is very fine,
* Allows the skin to breathe
* Smooth and weightless
* Luxurious shimmer
* It is micro fine
* Boost of radiance.
* Blend effectively
* Gives sheer coverage
* Glowing finish.
* Shine all throughout the day
* It brightens the skin
* Powder puff applicator
* Included booklet guide
* Reasonably priced.
* Lifetime guarantee,

* None

This product helps to give a perfect finishing to any makeup look, if you want that finishing touch, then this is the powder for you.
I have not experienced any allergic reaction with the ingredients in this powder and i have worn it all day without any problem : )

I would definitely recommend this product, a must have for any make up bag!

You can buy this here:

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