SIXPLUS 12PCS Shining Handle Soft Horse Synthetic Hair Eye Makeup Brush Set With Case

Today I am going to be reviewing the SIXPLUS 12PCS Shining Handle Soft Horse Synthetic Hair Eye Makeup Brush Set With Case In Blue.

This makeup brush set is excellent!

A good makeup brush set doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t take much to understand that the cheapest ones are also not such a good option since they tend to have a common problem which is shedding. This is the biggest problem with most brush makeup kits.

These high-quality brushes offer excellent results and do not shed, the main difference between them is the fibres that are used, some of them are
Made from soft horse hair and synthetic hair, they are soft silky and resilient, easier to pick up powder.

I actually don’t wear makeup on my face at all but since starting up reviewing for a hobby, I like to try out all my products.
The quality of these brushes are really nice, they add a touch of class to my dressing table.
These brushes are so very soft against your skin!! And they are all fantastic at applying your makeup, I used mine to apply eye makeup as you can see by the pictures I can definitely say that these were a joy to work with!

The kit includes 12 different brushes list below.

* Powder brush
* Round foundation brush
* Angled blush brush
* Highlight brush
* Small highlight brush
* Eyeshadow brush
* Eyeshadow brush
* Blending brush
* Small eyeshadow brush
* Eyebrow brush
* Eyeliner brush
* Lip brush

Yet again six plus have done it again with the attention to detail especially the shining handle with the royal golden effect around the rime.
It also comes in a cute leather-look case that you can use to carry them anywhere in, you can even pick out your favorite brushes and store them on one side, and the other side you can put your lipstick, mascara and foundation making this a convenient makeup bag, this would also fit nice into your handbag.

Sams Pros:

* The handles are sturdy
* All the brushes are handmade
* Come in a leather holder
* Convenient to carry them anywhere
* All materials are environmentally friendly
* No animals were used in the making of these brushes 🙂

Overall I am very impressed with this product and will continue to use them as and when I need to, My favourite brushes out of all of them were the eyeshadow brushes as they didn’t hold too much powder, making for a smoother finish and cuter look, like I said at the start I rarely use makeup and I’m not into thick heavy makeup looks so I don’t think I will get a lot of use myself out of the bigger brushes, but I do have a daughter that will : )

You can buy this here:

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