Simply Argan Self Tanning Mousse (200ml)

Simply Argan Self-Tanning Mousse is very easy to apply, I used a glove mitt that you can pick up from your local super-drug store, I find that by using the glove you can get a more evenly spread then using a sponge that soaked up most of the moose and takes a little longer to apply.

The foam is much nicer and quicker to rub into the body than lotions and feels pretty dry straight away. Also, I found that the mousse delivers a more even tan and leaves the skin moisturised and silky smooth.

Sams Top Tips On Use

* Wax or shave before use.
* Apply lotion to dry areas so you don’t get build up of tan.
* Use a mitt for easy application.
* Apply in circular motions.
* Blend evenly
* Allow to dry for 5 minutes
* make sure to apply lotion to skin after showers to prolong the tan.

I found that this tan would last a week without a top up, if you require a darker tone I would recommend doing one layer first then do another layer the second day to get the instant, gorgeous golden tan you need: )

Overall this product leaves you with a professional, flawless tan.
I’ve tried so many expensive tanning products, and I can honestly say I won’t ever be buying them again after using this product.

You can buy this tanning mousse from…

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