SIXPLUS 11 Pieces Royal Golden Makeup Brush Set (Golden)

Today I am going to be reviewing these SIXPLUS 11 Pieces Royal Golden Makeup Brush Set

This makeup brush set is excellent!
I actually don’t wear makeup on my face at all but since starting up reviewing for a hobby, I like to try out all my products.
By far these are the best brushes I have used and examined to date, the quality of these brushes are really nice, they add a touch of class to my dressing table.

These brushes are so very soft against your skin!! And they are all fantastic at applying your makeup, I used mine to apply eye makeup as you can see by the pictures.

I can definitely say that these were a joy to work with, to have the different size brushes to apply the eyeshadow is great, and the other good thing is that the bristles don’t keep fall out, or that there are stray hairs that poke out digging into your skin.

All of these, brushes are handmade, and made with the highest quality synthetic hair, I can’t express how soft and silky, they are very easy to pick up powder and creams.

The other good thing about this lovely set is that It also comes with 5 stretchy mesh head guards keep the hairs on the BIG brush tight after use, so if you want to display them in a nice container or just keep them in the cute leather holder they come in.

Sams Pros:

* The handles are sturdy
* All the brushes are handmade
* Come in a leather holder
* Convenient to carry them anywhere
* All materials are environmentally friendly
* No animals were used in the making of these brushes: )

The set includes:

1 Blush brush
2 Foundation brush
3 Powder brush
4 Contour brush
5 Highlight brush
6 Small blush brush
7 Eyeshadow brush
8 Eye blender brush
9 Eyeliner brush
10 Eyebrow brush
11 Small concealer brush

Overall I am very impressed with this product and will continue to use them as and when I need to,
My favourite brushes out of all of them were the eyeshadow brushes as they didn’t hold too much powder, making for a smoother finish
and cuter look, like I, said at the start I rarely use makeup and I’m not into thick heavy makeup look so I don’t think I will get a lot of use myself out of the bigger brushes, but I do have a daughter that will: )

You Can Buy This Here:

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