Simply Argan Shampoo and Conditioner

Simply Argan Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml

I’ve been using this Shampoo and conditioner set for about a month now and have loved using it; Firstly I would like to say that the smell
is to die for, I can’t even begin to explain how beautiful the smell is, it’s like when you go to the salon for that special treat
and they always seem to have them lovely smelling hair shampoos that make you feel all relaxed and feeling good; That’s a little bit of how I feel when I tried these two products.

The Argan shampoo says that it can help to eliminate dandruff, itchy scalp and also repair split ends., well I can verify that it truly does,
I think its to do with the argan oil that contains vitamin E; it leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky to the touch.
I found I needed a palm full of the shampoo as I have long thick hair so a good, generous amount was necessary for me, it lathered up nice, and there is a slight and I mean a small difference between the shampoo and the conditioner smell, with the conditioner I used about the same amount of product, a palm full as like I said I have long thick hair, once I had applied the conditioner all over I combed it through to ensure it went all the way from the root to
the bottom of my hair, I then left the conditioner on for 5 to 10 minutes why I got on and did other women bits: )
After washing the conditioner out I, towel dried my hair and was able to run my comb still through my hair without no problems.
Overall my hair is softer, it smells amazing and stays softer for longer, I love that the conditioner detangles successfully, and it doesn’t make your hair look crease after three days,
It also makes my hair shiny too!
I have truly had a lot of comments regarding the overall look of my hair, and I can notice the difference too, no more itchy scalp meaning no more white bits in my hair YaY!!

You Can Buy This Here:

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