Simply Argan Luxury Gold Body Lotion and Body Wash

Simply Argan Luxury Gold Body Wash 250ml

It says it all in the name, and it truly is luxurious, it’s my little bottle of gold magic: )
Again they have smashed it with the smell yet again; I can’t put my finger on it, it’s like sweet musky smells, but not even that expresses the actual scent of this.
It has a gold shimmer to it, and this apply lovely to the body, I use a mesh body scrubber as I feel that you can get a lot more product out of it then just using your hands and half of it dripping off onto the floor.
With using a mesh scrubber it lathers up nice, and you can apply it all over your body evenly : )

I got the 250ml bottle so I’m hopping it will last me a few more weeks yet, but I have put all these products to one side as my special once a week use: ) as I don’t want them to run out
too quickly.

I have noticed that my skin feels smooth, and I don’t know if its me or my eyes going funny but I’m sure it leaves a shine on your skin a kind of Gold shimmer affect: )
This bottle comes with a pump top so it makes it more convenient when you’re in the shower, nothing worse than fighting with a bottle with wet soapy hands lol
Overall another fantastic product from argan oil themselves, I will be totally raving on about this to my friends and family and anyone that will listen, also if you team this up
with Simply Argan Luxury Gold Body Lotion which I have it’s fantastic, I use the body lotion on my arms and legs, and it truly does give you that golden glow: )

Thank you Simply Argan!

You Can Buy This Here:

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