Rose Gold Plated Tennis Bracelet with White Austria Cubic Zirconia Stones

Today I am going to review these pretty 18k Rose Gold Plated Tennis Bracelet with White Austria Cubic Zirconia Stones for Women or Girls.

This bracelet is so beautiful! Such a gorgeous, feminine piece, will suit anyone of any age. It is really sparkly, and I love the rose gold colour: )

It comes in a cute small blue box which is great if you want to give it as a prezzie straight away, (Ie) men lol also
the attention to detail is excellent, you wouldn’t think it cost what it did.
The clasp on the bracelet is very sturdy so you won’t have to worry about it falling off or breaking easily.

The length of this bracelet is 7.5 Inches(19cm) The other good aspect of this bracelet is that it has a removable extension so it will better fit your wrist.The extension piece is easy to connect and to remove and matches well after you have remove extension part, it is 16cm(6.3Inches) in length after removal of clasp: )

How to take care of the jewellery as below:

1. Keep your bracelet in the box it came in, or a soft pouch to avoid scratching.
2. Polish it frequently with a soft cloth.
3. Remove jewellery before showering, washing your hands, swimming, etc. otherwise it could cause damage to the metal.
4. Wear it on its own to avoid scratching

Overall, this is perfect to wear for any occasions, whether it for an evening wear or just for everyday wear.

I am very happy with my gift and I would 100% recommend this to family and friends.

You Can Buy This Here:

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