Mini LED Projector, ELEPHAS Portable LCD Projector

Today I am going to review the awesome product the Upgrade Portable LCD Projector, ELEPHAS 1500 lumens Mini LED Projector with HDMI USB VGA AV for Party, Home Cinema, 30000 Hours Led life with Remote, Black

I was so excited to try this out! I’ve never owned a projector before so we were all as a family really excited to give this ago, now I will try my best to explain what I know about this the best way I can: )

Firstly I don’t have one of them screens you pull down to protected this on to, so this was put on to my white living room wall, the kids had us try out a bunch of movies, and they all seemed to come out great, I only have a small
living room so the distance between the wall and the projector wasn’t massive, I guess the further away the better really as it defeats the purpose of owning one.

It has HDMI/VGA/AV/TV/USB/SD multimedia interface so it can support and connect your devices like DVD player, laptop computer, television set-top box, gaming console, etc.
The lens of the projector is adjustable, so you can focus the picture as well as tilt the lens. I let my husband do all the technical part of hooking it up to the TV and media service as that’s not for me: ) I would say that if you’re going to use this then get yourself some speakers as the built-in speakers aren’t all that good, or if you have a home system you might want to connect it with that to give you that all round experience t: )

The Pros:

* Small size,
* big picture,
* light weight,
* Potable to carry anywhere
* supports up to 1080p
* Adjustable lens
* Built-in speaker
* Remote included

The Cons:

The speaker quality not that good.

In the box comes:

1 x LP-X6B Projector
1 x AV Cable
1 x Remote control
1 x User Manual
1 x UK Power Adapter

Overall I think this is a great, and I am already planning what I am going to do for my kids birthday party now I have this,
An outside summer movie night: ) all I need to get now is the screen.

You Can Buy This Here:

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