Menton Ezil Blue eye Mystery Blue Crystal

Today I am reviewing this gorgeous Rose Gold Plated Blue Sapphire Artificial Crystal Spiral Grain Stone Bangle Bracelet With A Gift Box By
Menton Ezil

This bracelet is beautiful! It far exceeded my expectations, this is much more beautiful in person.

When it arrived I was really excited to open it up to see what it looked like, I was really pleased, even though it is gold plated the quality of this bangle is superb, the gem inside is a beautiful blue, this is my birthstone colour, so this bracelet also has meaning for me.
My wrist size is a medium, and it fits me perfectly when i tried this on iI found it easier to put it on at an angle then twist it round so that the gem is facing outwards. This bracelet is very sturdy/solid piece of jewellery, and i have no fear that it will fall off.

The packing was awesome on this, it comes in a real nice blue box which would make this ~P~ ~E~ ~R~ ~F~ ~E~ ~C~ ~T~ for a gift to someone you love or for a close friend: )

How to take care of the jewellery as below:

1. Keep your bracelet in the box it came in, or a soft pouch to avoid scratching.
2. Polish it frequently with a soft cloth.
3. Remove jewellery before showering, washing your hands, swimming, etc. otherwise it could cause damage to the metal.
4. Wear it on its own to avoid scratching

Overall: Such a delicate piece, so happy with both the service and my purchase, I loved it so much and Im wearing it everyday!

You Can Buy This Here:

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