LaEve Deluxe Soak off Gel Polish, Nail Gel Polish LED or UV Soak off 15 ml

Today I am going to review the LaEve Deluxe Soak off Gel Polish, Nail Gel Polish LED or UV Soak off 15 ml (0.5 Oz) Choose from 300+ colours
from LaEve

After looking and trying to decide on what colour to go for I settled on my favourite colour coral, I was really pleased with it when it came and was just the right shade for me.I also got a top coat and a base coat too.

In my video I will show you just how easy it is to apply, and the actual colour can be seen, I have also taken a photo of my nails done to perfection: )

You can view that here

Nail Prep Directions:

How to implement:

* Your first action should start with cleaning the nails from dust and dirt and drying it off completely.
* Next the nails should be filed for proper shaping because there is no paint on applying nail gel on irregular nails.
* Next the cuticles should be either pushed back.
* Now apply the base coat on the prepared nail and allow curing to have an excellent foundation.
* When this is cured, this is the time for applying the thin layer of the soak-off gel colour coat to the nails and cure again.
* Repeat the process while using the second colour coat and a top coat of the polish nail curing under LED or UV light after every application.

The Pros:

* No chipping, cracking, peeling or smudging with a high gloss finish.
* Easy to use and it comes off in minutes.
* No smell
* Choose from 300+ colours
* Salon finish at home.

Overall this is a great product, and I will definitely go back and get a few more colour that I have my eye on: )

You Can Buy This Here:

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