700mL Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – Leak Free Locking Cap

Today I will be reviewing this 700mL Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – Leak Free Locking Cap – BPA Free Tritan Plastic – Sports Spout for Easy Drinking – Carrying Loop and Finger Grips for Easy Transport – Instructions and Recipes Included in Box in Purple.

This is my second Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, I really love these bottles for the kids to take to school, instead of plain water they can
now chose any piece of fruit they want to cut up and put inside, I’m all for promoting good healthy living especially with my children,
the more fruit a day keeps the doctors away: )

To remove the lid unscrew, then if you look at the lid you will see two locks turn the part underneath the locks so that the tiny little arrow is pointing at unlocked to open the lid, then press the square button to pop open the cap.
When you have finished you can close the lid with out locking it, or you can lock it if you are placing it in your bag or handbag or kids school bag.

I like this function very much as some lids do tend to leak out or come off in your bag, this has happened many times to my son, and all his school books are soaking wet, so this is a great added feature.
The other good thing in regards to this bottle is that the lid is on a spring system, so when you open the lid, the lid flips back, also if you didn’t want to keep locking and unlocking the lid every time you wanted a drink, even without the lock being on the button is very sturdy and you have to really push it to make it open : )

The adding the fruit is really simple, and for best results try to do it a few hours before you need it to get the true flavor out of the water, my first try of this water bottle was with strawberry’s, and I left in the fridge and completely forgot about it, come dinner time it was there, and it was a real treat, you can really taste the undertones of the strawberry’s in the water, so much so that you can actually see flouting bits in the water, if your like my daughter and don’t like flouting bits in your water, then she recommends oranges and lemon : )

Overall this is a great product my daughter took her modern purple bottle to school yesterday without no problems of leaking or lid coming off, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, you don’t have to be a fitness freak to enjoy owning one of these: )

You Can Buy This Here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/700mL-Fruit-Infuser-Water-Bottle/dp/B00WY5KCM0/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

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