5 PCS Pro Cosmetic Makeup Brushes

Today I am going to review the Wawoo 5 PCS Pro Cosmetic Makeup Face Powder Blusher, Toothbrush Curve Liquid Foundation Blending Brush, Cream Concealer Blusher,
Beauty Cosmetics Tools-Makeup Kit!

I got these for my sister in law as she goes through makeup brushes like there is no tomorrow, they arrived quickly and were packaging in a clear resealable plastic bag.
I was a little disappointed that they weren’t boxed like in some of the reviews on here, it didn’t affect their quality which was good, and the brushes were in good condition,
its just there nice looking brushes that deserve a beautiful box: )

They appeared to be very well made, and the brushes were soft with an almost velvet touch to them. Their are five brushes all in all, and they are all identical, so they should last her a while.
She said that she has never used this kind of brushes before, she also informed me that she doesn’t use as much makeup with these, they are really easy to apply the foundation and you
don’t need to put much force onto your skin as they are slightly flexible: )

The Pros

* Good quality
* Soft to touch
* slightly flexible
* Compatible with, foundation, cream, powders

Notes: If used daily, They recommend washing your brush once a week with a mild cleanser.
Clean once every two weeks, baby shampoo or any low foam soap will work.
Rinse well and air dry: )

* 5 x Foundation Brush

Overall, My sister in law would recommend these brushes, and although they are not her usual style of brushes, she said she would definitely buy some more again when these are finished.

She gives them a 5*

You Can Buy This Here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wawoo-Toothbrush-Foundation-Concealer-Tools-Makeup/dp/B01DXWDK26/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

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