20 led 15.8ft Solar Powered White Lantern String Lights, Perfect for Outdoor ~ Garden ~ Patio

Today I am going to review these Dailyart 20LED 15.8ft Solar Powered White Lantern/LED String Light/Fairy Light, Perfect for Outdoor, Garden, Patio, Christmas, Xmas Tree, Holiday Party [Energy Class A+]

These came the same day with my amazon prime, they come well packaged in a box. Inside the box are the lanterns which are all folded down, white plastic inserts, solar string lights, solar panel, ground stake and instruction leaflet, all this came in a really cute white drawstring bag: )

These lights are lovely just a bit fiddly to put together, so I have made a video for you guys to review so you can get an idea of how to attach them.
I found this way easiest for me but when you grasp the concept of how to do it you might find your own way.
I will also write up a quick way of how to do it in case people can’t view my video: )

1. Open up all the paper lanterns.
2. Insert the plastic panels into the lanterns, There are two pointy bits on the panels which insert into the holes in the lantern on the top.
3. Straighten out the lights.
4. And then push the lights into the plastic panel holes.
5. Some are a bit stiff but keep pushing them till you feel there safe.
6. Attach the stake to the solar panel

There are 2 switches, one is Flashing mode or Still mode and the other button is the On/Off mode.
After you have switch them on, they will start to charge in the sunlight, you can check that these are on and charging by placing your hand over the light sensor.

The lights glow a warm white, and they look lovely in the dark.

Overall A great buy & a great addition to anyone garden or patio: )

You Can Buy This Here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dailyart-Powered-Lantern-Perfect-Christmas/dp/B015MXQCOM/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

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