Salon Anti Scald Hair Straighteners Brush

If you’re a mum, and you straighten your daughter’s hair, you will find the Hair Salon Brush Straightener Fantastic.

Like most mums, I used to use a regular flat iron to straighten my daughter’s hair, I’d always worry about burning her little ears with it, and it took a LONG time, as you need one hand to brush and the other to straighten.

Here I will explain in detail why using a brush straightener is better in many respects.

First thing is While a regular flat iron takes ages to heat up, the Hair Brush Straightener takes less than 10 seconds!

With a flat iron, my daughter’s hair became “stick straight” and a little dry at the ends, even though I put in heat protection to help prevent this, but with the Hair Brush Straightener, instead, her hair is more “flowy” and looks a lot healthier.

The second thing I’m going to say about this is that IT’S WAAAAY SAFER When using a flat iron it can be tricky when around the sensitive parts of the head, like the tips of ears, with this brush you really and I mean really can go close to the ears without any burn,
it’s really safe because the only part that heats up is the ceramic plate at the bottom of the bristles, the bristles themselves provide a sort of “guard” so that it’s virtually impossible to burn yourself or your daughter with it, I had actually held it in my hand before I tried it on my daughter just to make sure that this was true.

This brush has 6 temperature settings, here is my guide on what I think each setting would be for different hair types and this is just going to my daughter’s hair as she has very long thick curly hair:

1. 130/140 soft/thin hair

2. 140/150 soft/dry hair

3. 150/160 slightly wavy/curly

4. 160/170 curly

5. 170/180 Thick

6. 190/200 thick/curly/wavy hair

I used the last one (6), and it took me 45 minutes, all in all, where it can take over an hour with my daughter’s hair as it is so thick and long and I have to section it off.
With this hair brush, there is no need to section your hair off, but I found it to be more beneficial, and I guess you can’t break routine: )

I would recommend at first to go trough the setting to find the perfect on for you!

Overall: I give this a 5 out of 5 stars*

This is a great little brush and has cut down the time it takes to straighten my daughters hair by almost 20 minutes (no joke!)

You Can Buy This Here:

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