Organic Whey Protein Powder 1kg

I was given the opportunity to try this product out which was great timing as my 14-year-old son is in need of it.
My son is very tall and very skinny and has a very high Metabolism.
When I was offered this for a trail, I was over the moon as I have been looking for a good protein shake for a while.
My son wanted me to buy any shake, but I was more concerned about getting the right one that was not filled with rubbish stuff.

Why grass fed protein?

• Made with no soy, sweeteners or flavours.
• Highest quality protein
• Produced at low temperature
• Made with the welfare of cows in mind!

When this come through the door, and I opened it up, I was really surprised by the size of the bag, when I showed it so proudly
to my son also explaining that its 100% O natural, my son replied to me ”mum you got grass feed for cows” (LoL)
After explaining to my son that no it was not grass feed for the cows but actually made from grass feed cows he wanted me to make him some.

Off to make the shake:

I wanted my son to try it as it was first with just adding milk and nothing else.
The protein comes as a powder in a 1kg bag, complete with free scoop, you mix 1 scoop of the protein in with 200ml milk before giving it a good shake to blend it all together.
I would say that if you have to do this buy hand, I would recommend buying a protein shake cup as it does take about 5 mins to get all the lumps out.
The powder is unflavored and unsweetened, which personally I find it makes it easier that way as you can add to it yourself like banana and make it a smoothly: )

So he tried it and didn’t like it and asked for me to add some Nesquik in there, so I did: )
In the kitchen I had a little taste to see what the face my son was pulling was all about and I found it to be fine, I mean its a little plain but doesn’t have a nasty taste to it.

I’m really hoping that this will help my son, he has one shake in the morning before he goes to school and a shake in the evening before he does
his little weights.
He had only used it for a few days so I will let you know the outcome, but overall I’m happy with this product because I know what’s going into my son’s body.

You Can Buy This Here:


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