Multipack Natural 3D False Eyelashes

This was my first time of ordering false lashes online, and I was very happy that I did. The lash band is so thin you can hardly see it, it’s like it disappears when the lashes are put on!
They barely feel like you have false lashes on and they are also very comfortable to wear, they’re not heavy and make the eyelid feel like your carry a tonne weight around on your eyes, there just so soft they quickly reshape and mould to the shape of the lid.

How To Apply:

First, measure the length of the lash to make sure it fits your eye shape and then trim off the excess if needed, apply a thin line of adhesive glue along the false eyelash then wait one minute until the adhesive becomes sticky/tacky, you may want to add a little extra to the ends so they don’t start coming away when you blink.
Apply to the base of your own natural eyelash line and start at the inner corner of the eye, you may want to use tweezers to put the fake eyelashes on as sometimes doing it by hand the can get stuck to your fingers lol
Then lightly pressing the fake eyelashes from inner corner to the outer corner of the lash to make sure the false lashes match your natural lash line and it looks like one lash and not two, If you do get a gap showing on the eyelid between your real lashes, and the false lashes don’t worry as you can use eyeliner to fill in and hide any gaps: )
Once you have finished, both lashes add a little mascara to give it that Va Va Voom, this will also help integrate the natural lashes with the false one.


* Knotted and feathered by hand.

* Quality, natural looking lashes

* Easy to apply and remove

* 100% Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with the product.


No Glue


I am Very happy with these and will be coming back to buy more #OnFleek

You Can Buy This Here:

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