KINGDOMCARES Ultrasonic Premium Facial Cleansing Brush

This facial brush is great, It relies on vibration rather than rotation making it much more efficient in my opinion.
I have tried other rotary ones, and they usually can’t give a deep clean because they stop when applying to much force.
With this brush, I can feel the vibrations even when giving a good amount of pressure.

There are three heads included in this kit. There is the buffing pad and brush with incredibly soft bristles, the third brush was a surprise that I didn’t know was included, a toothbrush head. So not only does this work as a facial scrubber it also doubles up as a toothbrush!!

Please do not use the brush alone on your face. Always use it together with cleanser, moisturiser, serum, etc. When cleaning face, gently wet your face and the brush with clean water first, use the brush to foam the cleanser on your hand sufficiently, and then brush on your face.


*Deep Cleansing for Skin:
*Deep cleansing for teeth
*A Massager
*The skin feel smoother, softer and more radiant.
*It works for all types of skin, oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin types

Package Includes:

1* Facial Cleansing Brush Main Unit
2* Cleansing Brush
1* Cleansing Teeth Brush
1* Plastic Base
1* User manual

Overall I love the quality of this KINGDOMCARES Ultrasonic Premium Facial Cleansing Brush, and I am very happy with my purchase, it gives the more expensive brands a run for their money, I can definitely and highly recommend this.

You Can Buy This Here:

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