Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This is by far the most excellent buy I have made so far this year, not only for me but for my kids, This detox water bottle is lightweight, and it holds a perfect amount of water and fruit.
The best part about using a fruit infused water bottle is that the fruit can be reused many times before the flavor starts to dissipate, making it a very economical way to get great tasting flavored water: )

The Pros

These flavored waters bottles are an excellent alternative to fizzy drinks and a great way of getting the right amount of water a day not only for you but your children.
This was the first Fruit Infused Water bottle I have tried, and I absolutely love it, It is easy to put the fruit in, and it holds 700ml of water.
It has a screw cap which you remove to place the fruit of your chose in, you then screw back on the lid then flip the lid to add the water, once you have done that you’re ready to go or if you have time you can pop it into your fridge for a cooler infused taste.

The Negs

I don’t have any as yet but do have to buy more for my kids as there fighting over who gets to take this one to school!

Overall, I am thrilled with using a fruit infused water bottle and feel good about being so much healthier than I was before.

You Can Buy This Here:

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