Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Looking for an easy way to refresh any room and fill it with your favourite scent, Then you have got to try this out, it really does beat them plug in ones you get from the shops.

This diffuser is really great, not only does it come with changing lights of red, green, purple, white & blue, which look great especially at night, it also comes with the essential oil diffuser part.
The charger plugs into the bottom of the diffuser so that it sits flat on top of any side, and it has a little container to fill it up with.
(Don’t go over the max line)

The lights on this oil diffuser are so cool! I use the blue/purple colour for night time, for some reason, it gives a peaceful feel.
The LED light offers two options for each colour mode and it also has a random changing colour mode or you can just stay on the one colour by pressing the light button.
I like that this diffuser has a neutral, clean, modern feel design and that the lights can be turned off, and just have the steam coming out.
The mist is steady and last for many hours, the amount of mist is enough to cover an area of 160 square feet.
I use it with lavender oil when I’m on my own, but when my husband comes up, I just use water as he is very sensitive to smells.
The other good thing about this diffuser is that its soundless, you wouldn’t even know you had it on.


Beauty: refresh skin, keep skin healthy and moist.
Decoration: choose the light colour you like to make room romantic.
Humidify: Refresh the air you breathe and aid sinuses.
Relief: aroma therapy, relieve stress.

Package Contents

• 1 x HAMSWAN Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
• 1 x Measuring Cup
• 1 x Power Adapter
• 1 x User Manual

• Do not fill water above the max line.
• The unit is not recommended to use a humidifier.
• It is suggested to add 3~5 drops of pure essential oil in 100ml water to get a good experience.

This diffuser is fantastic!
It has an elegant look, It works great, and it covers the entire bedroom with heavenly smells.
I am very happy with this purchase.

You Can Buy This Here:

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