20 Pieces Makeup Brush Set Professional Face Eye Shadow Eyeliner Foundation Blush Lip Makeup Brushes Powder Liquid Cream Cosmetics Blending Brush Tool

Wow! These brushes are beautiful!
They arrived carefully and well packaged.
They are ideal for applying your makeup perfectly.
They feel so so soft yet have just the right amount of density for blending.
They are perfect for liquids, powders, or creams and will give you that flawless finish.

The set includes

Concealer brush,
Eyebrow Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Foundation Brush
Eyeliner Brush
Eyeshadow Brush + Eyebrow Brush
Eyeshadow Brush + Ultra fine-Eyeliner
Eyeshadow Brush + Eyeshadow Sponge
Mascara Brush,
Lip Brush & More

20 brush for this price is ridiculously cheap. I highly recommend the seller.

Package included:

EmaxDesign 20 Pieces Makeup Brush Set
1x EmaxDesign Product Manual

Overall I am Very happy with this brush set : )

You Can Buy This Here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/EmaxDesign-Professional-Eyeliner-Foundation-Cosmetics/dp/B01EWBYUDU/ref=cm_cr-mr-img

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