Silver Plated Snake Chain Charm Hand Chain With Purple Cubic Zircon Beads and Romantic Charms

Stunning bracelet, it is Silver Plated Snake Chain with High-Quality Themed Charms and Beads.
The length is 20cm and fits both my wrist and my daughters.
The overall look is modern and would suit a teenage girl or young woman
There are 15 charms on this bracelet, and they really are pretty, the attention to detail is excellent, and my daughter has loved wearing it.
My daughter’s friends have commented on how it looks like a Pandora, and for the price I think this is great!

I find this bracelet clasp easy to open and close as some bracelets can be tricky to put on yourself,
The charms also come off and on by unscrewing them, which is a great feature, as you can add to it or remove them, or just simply move them around to your liken.
It is not heavy to wear, and the charms move around nicely and catch the sun when it’s out: )

Overall A great buy, great price, and excellent quality.

A Big Thumbs Up From My Daughter & Me

Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

You Can Buy This Here:

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