RUFF Dog Whistle To Stop Barking

I was so excited when this arrived, I have a one-year-old Jack-chi called honey she is so cute and her face looks like butter wouldn’t melt, but oh boy does she have a snappy bark, she barks at everything and anything in sight!

It has taken my dog a few days to start responding well to the whistle, when I take it out my pocket she is very aware of what is coming and try’s to get a few more barks in before she stops, I have found training her indoors to be more beneficial than when she is running around the garden at 12 am in the morning barking her heart out because a cat has jumped up on the fence, me blowing the whistle trying to get her to stop, lol I know it will be a long process but at least we have made some progress with her already,when she hears the whistle now she knows I want her to stop barking, just need her to stop barking late at night: )


1 x RUFF Adjustable frequency whistle.
1 x High-quality Branded Lanyard.
1 x Luxury branded Presentation/Gift Box.
1 x Full instructions.
5 x Fantastic Dog Training ebooks (emailed upon purchase)

Guaranteed to stop barking and train dogs fast!

Discover THE best dog whistle for training and bark control:

• Highest Quality Materials Used. Long lasting and rust proof.
• Dual Anti-Loss. With special locking nut, snap on cover and handy secure lanyard you’ll     never lose your whistle.
• 3 piece set! Whistle, Lanyard & Presentation Box makes an Amazing Gift for any dog      owner.

Better than the rest!:

• Safe. Will NOT hurt your dogs ears.
• Highly efficient but Lightweight and compact in size too!
• Fully adjustable frequencies. Easy to adjust and lock into place.
• Full, detailed instructions included with every order.

Multi purpose:

• Can be used for other animals too including cats, birds etc
• For dog owners to train, teach and control their dog/s.
• For hunters to specifically train their dog/s.
• To repel/distract irritant or dangerous dogs.
• It can also be used as a repellent for other pests/animals.

Whatever your intended use, the RUFF whistle will suit your needs!


Since using the whistle, we have decreased her barking indoors and it keeps improving as we keep using it.If you are looking for a way to train your dogs and get their attention, I would definitely recommend buying this whistle.
A Big Thumbs Up From Me!

You can buy it here :
Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

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