Vita Drops Natural Weight Loss

I have only been using this for a few days now and I really wanted to try it for a wile before leaving a review, I will have to keep coming back to give you updates as I think this will be an over time review.

Today I will tell you how the bottle came, looks, smell and taste.

The bottle is a very dark blue, glass bottle, It has a pipette top and comes sealed, upon opening there is a smell of menthol that hits ya noise, it’s a bit like medicine you get in the bottles, nice low : )
The taste is a pleasant menthol taste and I take that directly on to the tongue followed by a big glass of water.
One pinch of the pipette is designed to give you 1ml dose and this can be taken up to 6 times a day, but I have been taking it for 3 times a day. (Do Not Exceed Stated Dose)

Nutravita’s Vita Drops are a potent blend of naturally occurring ingredients that help promote the bodies natural ability to burn fat & consume more calories, created by adding the highest purity ingredients including Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Capsicum, Maca Root, 5HTP & Aloe Vera. Nutravita’s Vita Drops are great for those of you serious about taking control of your weight and health.

For best results – Take with a well balanced diet and dedicated exercise schedule.

100% Money Back guarantee – No questions asked, lose weight and feel good or your money back.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

You can Buy it here:

To be continued:

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