Premium Space Saver *Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

These bags are fantastic, I have seen them advertised on the telly quite a lot and always wondered, ” Do these things really work?”
Well they do, the first thing I must say is how very large the jumbo bags are, the plastic is not the flimsy type where if something catches it will tear really easily.
There was 6 large jumbo bags in the packet, along with a manual pump which I think will be great to take on holiday to bring back all your dirty clothes in, or to store all your clean clothes in.
There is a double-zip seal and the Triple-Seal that are designed to get every ounce of air out of the bag in the suction process. 🙂

The test run:

So here we go!

So I did a test run to see if this really works, I have had a double duvet sitting under my bed now for a year and it is one of them duck down feather types, so I folded the duvet up so it would fit nicely inside the bag, once I had the duvet all nicely inside the bag i closed the bag with the zipper fastener, I also ran my thumb and my finger along the top just to make sure it was well and truly fastened.
I then unscrewed the cap on the valve and turned on the vacuum then placed the hose over the valve then switched on the hoover and just watched as all the air got sucked out of every part of the duvet until it had shrunk down to nearly flat.

Omg…I couldn’t believe it, this double duvet I had under my bed had taken up so much room and was now totally flat within under a minuet, I was so happy this now means I can store the winter duvet without no problem! 🙂

A big thumbs up from me, I would highly recommend these 100%

You can buy them here :

And check out my video to:

Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

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