Multifunctional Hair Straightener Brush

A perfect combination of comb and hair straightener, Daughter lets me comb her hair as she gets it straightened at the same time : )

Hold down the on button for 3 seconds and use the + and – button to control the heat temperature, the temperature can range from 80 degrees to 230 degrees so it can be used for different styles and different hair needs.
The hair straightener takes less than a minute to reach the highest temperature which is 230 degrees Celsius.

I would recommend going thru the + and – button to find the right temperature that suit you and your hair style, my daughter has long thick hair so we usually go for full or just under with hair protect spray on.
The temperature can be locked by simply pressing the power button, and unlocked by pressing the power button again.
Ensure that the hair is free from knots before you use it, then choose a chunk of hair, can be slightly thicker than you normaly use when straightening with the iron straighteners, Run the brush through it, individual strand will take around 2-3 brush strokes it took me a few times of going thru my daughters hair with this brush to get the desired affect but overall we were happy with the after look.

Package contents:
*1 x Straighten Comb
*1 x User Manual
*1 x Retail Box

1.Hair should be dry, clean and free from knots before you use it.
2.When using the brush, gently move through hair.
3.Choose 160-180 degrees for fine soft hair.
4.Choose 190-210 degrees Celsius for general hair.
5.Choose 210-230 degrees for curly hair
6.Device turns off automatically after one hour when not in use.
7.LCD screen display, Simple + and – to add heat
8.360 degree rotatable wire. it avoids the wire twining .

Overall Im very happy with this brush, the best feature about this brush is that it has a No burn, so when the comb plate reaches 200 degree, the comb top only reaches 50 degree so I will feel happy to let my daughter straighten her own hair on her own, also another benefit is that It produce anion that remove hair static electricity, so with that and a hair heat product its a win win.

A Big Thumbs Up From Us!

You can buy it here:
Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

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