Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Foldable

GranVela® X2 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones, Foldable 4 in 1 Stereo Kids Headset Wireless Handsfree Earphone with Mic and MicroSD Card Player, Radio, AUX for iPhone, Samsung and More (Orange)

I purchased these for my daughter who loves to listen to music specially at night, I love the fact that these headphones are wireless so I can sleep easy at night, with the old type headphone you always had to be careful with the cord, especially with the worry with corded headphones that your child may fall asleep with them own and the cord may get wrapped up dangerously…with these cordless headphones theirs no need for me to worry.

Their are 13 kinds of different colours that can be chosen, from pink to blue, to orange to black 🙂
Now these headphones say that they’re for children but I have used my daughters headphones and they fit really well, they are really comfy to wear and surprisingly very light weight, on first glance the ear pieces looks small to fit an adults ear but rest assured they are not.

The Bluetooth is easy to connect to and the headphones work with my daughters mobile phone and tablet, The sound quality is very good.
(My daughter said: when using the volume half way on her phone, the sound quality is very good.) the earmuffs part are made from leather materials and have a folding design which is great as my daughter can just pop them in her school bag.

Features of headphones:

On the side of the earphone it has Volume Control, Micro SD slot, USB connector, Aux audio and Hand free calls, you can also enjoy FM broadcasting but my daughter hasn’t tried that yet.
To insert the micro SD card it can be gently pushed up into the slot, but always make sure the power is off first till putting the SD card in and taking it out as it states this in the manual, to remove the micro SD card just push up on the SD card and the SD card will eject.

In the box is:

1 * Headset.
1 * USB Cable.
1 * Audio Cable.
1 * User Manual.


Overall these are good quality headphones at a good price, the freedom of no wires is great, my daughter loves to be able to go and be hands free to talk and chat and not have to keep taking out her phone every two minutes. : )

A Big Thumbs Up From Us!

You can buy them here on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/GranVela-Over-Ear-Bluetooth-Headphones-Handsfree-Orange/dp/B00ZKVI96G/ref=cm_cr-mr-title


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